Being A Human Whisperer

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We have the Ghost Whisperer, Dog Whisperer, Cat Whisperer, Horse Whisperer, but have we thought about being the Mother of whisperers? The Human Whisperer? I know this sounds funny but it is the most fundamental life skill set we all must strive to own. And we believe that Possum In Attic Guide as humans, we understand how to do this?


The number ONE challenge that just about all of my clients have is to be able to communicate effectively. Whether it is with their loved ones, loved ones, colleagues, clients or subordinates, this is ONE BIG CHALLENGE.

Over the course of the last two to three weeks, it made me realise that the majority of the work that I have been doing is really about teaching people how to communicate effectively. It’s not about speaking well or having good diction. It’s all about communicating with each individual or group in such a way that they get what I am saying. Sometimes, I am required to be tough/stern, others times I’m needed to be soft and loving, and sometimes, it’s important to be humorous.

Communication with self? Can there be effective self talk that one has clarity in the direction they’re heading?
Communicating with others – Are your needs known? Are you being heard?
Is using voice better than touch?
How to communicate effectively with a crowd so that you’re rallying them towards something positive
does being a pioneer automatically make you an effective communicator? Or is it the other way around?
If our communication skills are effective, then we’ll surely have less of a challenge in our relationship with others. It’s a basic skill that we must have. However, it is also one of the hardest to learn, and a skillset that’s challenging to impart.
To effectively learn this skill, attending a workshop for the masses on tactics, techniques etc is not sufficient. Simply because we’re all different. An individual must learn to adapt these skills to different life situations and with various people.

I’ve discovered that certain communication skills I’ve coached one customer on, won’t work on another as efficiently. As the facilitator, I am required to adapt to each of the needs of my clients. Now, keep in mind that as a coach, it is necessary for me to have this skill set. But the fact isthat everybody should have these skill sets too. We need one another, that goes without saying, so our need for one another requires us to communicate. If this ability is missing, not only are our own needs not being met, you won’t have the ability to fulfill the needs of others too, whether it’s in an intimate relationship, social connection or work relationship.

And there are more than 7 million results. This only goes to show that even the most fundamental human need is not being met. Couples are having real problems communicating their basic needs to their partners. If this is a challenge, what about other needs?

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